FREE Exhibitions for the 55+ and near, at or in Retirement

With the number of retired people increasing, retirement is now thought of as a beginning and not an end. The 55+ and Retirement Roadshows are being organised by The National Careline, (a not for profit organisation) focused on providing information for people approaching, and in retirement.

Many of the visitors attending the 55+ and Retirement Roadshows will have someone that they are looking after, either at home or in a residential  care home, but others will be living a full active retirement well into later life.

We have taken a good look at the issues that are concerning this group of people and then invited exhibitors that we feel match with these needs and concerns.

The result, is a wonderful mix of exhibitors who will be there offering help and advice on the very relevant issues concerning people at this particular stage in their life.

We will have experts on the pension, taxation, and legal matters such as asset protection and  long-term care that concern people in their mid 50's and above.

The aim of the shows is to be an information portal, packed full of exhibitors giving information on things that people at, near and in retirement should know about.

At each show there will be professionals on hand who can:-

  • explain why making a Will and/or Lasting Power of Attorney is so important
  • help to get the best from pensions
  • give helpful advice on tax for older people
  • explain the options available to finance retirement and care costs
  • answer any legal questions relating to the older age group
  • explain, in simple language, different types of equity release schemes
  • advise on health, wellbeing and activity
  • advise on mobility aids and schemes
  • explain the various benefits available
  • advise on adapting your home to suit your needs
  • advise if you are worried about your own or someone else's medication
  • advise on security and protection from scams and unwelcome visitors
  • explore the options for a dearly loved pet if you need to go into care
  • advise on the housing schemes available locally
  • look at ways to increase your income
  • generally answer any number of questions relating to the 55+ and retirement age group

"10 minute surgeries"

If you have a matter that you would like to discuss in private, why not take advantage of our 'Ten Minute Surgeries' programme to quiz our experts at the show. 

Either telephone beforehand to book an appointment to see them at the show or, just go to the person you wish to see and ask for an appointment during the day.

You don’t need to be 55+ to come to the roadshows but it helps!

What do we want to achieve through these shows? - The over 55's lead very busy and diverse lives.  Some are looking after relatives at home - either their children who haven't left home or elderly relatives. Some have relatives in a home, whilst others may have no ties and will be living an active retirement getting involved with groups like U3A and volunteering in their local community. 

Many will still be working after retirement age, some because they want to but many others because they need the money. 

Some will be facing redundancy whilst others will even be thinking of branching out into a new career and are looking for an opportunity to gain the chance to re-skill.

In fact, there are now so many over 50s choosing to start their own businesses, there is a new term for them "olderpreneur" and Age UK has added a section on changing careers, starting a business etc., on their website to cope with the demand.

This group of people are the new “younger old” and they have access to many more varied choices about their future than was ever available in their parents’ day. Yet with choices, come decisions and the need for advice and help.

This is where we step in. We run these roadshows with the particular aim of providing an information hub where people can come along, quiz our experts and find out the answers to the problems concerning our 55+ age group.

The National Careline

The National Careline is a not for profit company offering information about care and support for older people, their carers and their families. You can see more on the website

The objective of the National Careline is to provide a portal that signposts users to various organisations including, Government departments and support networks that will help create a clearer understanding of the care maze.

The National Careline has no grant aid and raises funds by holding these roadshows. In doing so, we provide places where people can come and access free information on the many issues that concern people as they grow older, are in retirement or caring for someone.

Upcoming events

Future Events

If you would like further details about the 55+ and Retirement Roadshows or would like to take part in any of these exhibitions, please contact or

Testimonials from visitors of previous shows
Kidderminster 12-6-16 at The Town Hall

"Just a few lines to thank you for the wonderful hospitality shown to me on Saturday. I enjoyed myself immensely and I was good to chat with the exhibitors at the Roadshow. My sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone involved." Councillor Mary Rayner, Mayor of Kidderminster

The Guildhall, Worcester 25-3-2017

"I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and talking to so many people at the event. It was so informative and I saw so many people doing good for others who were less fortunate than themselves. This kind of activity is so important for any civilized society so a very big "thank you" to you for organizing it all." Mr A

Mr and Mrs M said, " wonderful show, packed with information".

Mrs J said," I am so glad that I went in, there was something for everyone. I will definitely be going again next year".

The Guildhall, Worcester 9-3-2019

Take a look at the video of our latest show. We were very busy from start to finish.

It was a great day and enjoyed by all. Click this link and take a look.

You could also view what went on when we last visited Kidderminster.

Watch the Retirement Roadshow video