Hereford Housing Careline

Careline - your personal alarm service

Herefordshire Careline is a 24-hour personal emergency response service, based in Hereford, which is connected to your home through an alarm unit linked to your telephone line. In times of a crisis, help is just the push of a button away.

Alarms are received in our service centre, which is open 24-hours a day. Our friendly and helpful operators are on hand to answer calls and get help. The service helps people to continue to live independently in their own homes.

What you can expect from the Careline service

  • Easy installation – our experts will install and demonstrate the service in your home
  • Instant response – immediate help in an emergency
  • Professional service – Careline is fully accredited by the Telecare Services Association (TSA)
  • Reassurance – peace of mind that help is available, day and night

How does the Careline service work?

The Careline service allows you to call for help by the simple touch of a button, either on an alarm unit, or by simply pressing a radio pendant, which can be worn around the neck, on the wrist, or clipped to your clothing.

Once you press the button, you will be linked to our monitoring centre where our friendly and professional operators will talk to you and take the appropriate action, whether it be contacting a friend or family member to alert them to the problem or contacting carers or the emergency services.

Where possible our operators will stay on the line until help arrives. As the service is operated 24-hour a day, 7 days a week, you can be reassured that help is always only the touch of a button away.

Who would benefit from the Careline service?

Careline benefits anyone who needs to summon help urgently such as:

  • Individuals who are housebound
  • Vulnerable people
  • People who live alone
  • Young, elderly or disabled people
  • People who have recently been discharged from hospital and require additional support
  • Those that require reassurance
  • People who are prone to falls
  • Individuals who have mobility problems

There is no age barrier for the alarm service.

How much does it cost?

When paying for your Careline, you can choose to either rent or purchase an alarm. If you rent an alarm, you will need to pay £50 for our expert team to install the equipment, and then pay £3.96p per week for monitoring, rental and maintenance.

If you chose to purchase the equipment, you will need to pay £50 for installation, £168 to buy the equipment and then £2.12p per week for monitoring and maintenance. Various payment options are available, including Direct Debit. We will not take payment from you at the time of your installation visit, but will invoice you afterwards.

*Prices apply to the period 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015 and are subject to change*

To provide even more support, we have a wide range of additional sensors and products.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about the Careline service please get in touch:

0300 777 4321 or follow this link to the online enquiry form

Our friendly, helpful team’s on hand 8am-8pm Monday-Friday. They can answer most questions, or put you in touch with the right person if they can’t. We can be busy, so please be patient if we don’t answer immediately. We’ll be with you as soon as we can!