TaxHelp for Older People

For most working people, paying tax is a fairly uncomplicated process, usually involving just one employer and one PAYE code number.
But for an increasing number of retired people, many of them elderly, bereaved or suffering ill-health or various forms of incapacity, paying tax can become a nightmare, often involving several pension payers and numerous code numbers.
Some, for various reasons, find themselves underpaid and facing the trauma of huge and unexpected tax demands, whilst others are required to complete an annual Self Assessment return.
On the other hand, some do not claim the Age-related Allowances (and Blind Persons’ Allowance or Married Couple’s Allowance) to which they are entitled. Others over-pay tax, not all of which can be reclaimed, and find themselves socially and financially excluded.
The closure of Local Tax Offices and Enquiry Offices in major towns and cities and the increasing dependence on Call Centres and websites have helped to compound the problem.
It is becoming increasingly difficult for many older people to obtain the help and advice they need to complete their tax forms, so as to keep their tax affairs in order and pay the correct amount of tax at the right time, and thus avoid becoming underpaid or overpaid. Others merely need the comfort and reassurance of knowing that their tax affairs are in order and that they are paying the right amount of tax.

Thankfully, help is readily at hand!

The Tax Help for Older People scheme was set up over 10 years ago by the charity ‘Tax Volunteers’ to provide free, impartial, professional tax help, advocacy and advice to older people on low incomes who could not otherwise afford to pay for independent assistance. To qualify, a client must normally be over 60 (or retired) with an annual net household income of less than £20k.

How do I get help?

Very simply. Just telephone the Tax Help lo-call helpline on 0845 601 3321 (charged at 5ppm plus an access charge from your provider), or 01308 488066.

You can also email us via the website enquiry form

This is all that's needed for a qualifying client to seek help or advice or to arrange a meeting with one of our Volunteers.

The scheme is staffed by trained staff at our Bridport Operations Centre and, locally, by volunteers from the tax profession and retired Tax Inspectors who generously give up their time to help.

If the phone is engaged or the office is not staffed, please leave your name and telephone number on the voice-mail and Tax Help will call you back. Or you can contact us via email, post or the website enquiry form.

Our postal address:

Tax Help for Older People
Pineapple Business Park
Salway Ash
Dorset DT6 5DB

Our email address:

The Tax Help for Older People telephones lines are open to clients every weekday between 9am and 5pm.
In many cases, we are immediately able to offer help and advice ‘over the phone’. Otherwise, we will arrange for you to meet with one of our Volunteers.
We can usually arrange a meeting within a couple of weeks in either a local AgeUK/Concern or Citizens’ Advice Bureau Office or by way of a home visit.

Further information can also be found on our website at